Meet the Albanos

Our Farm Thrives
On Family Values

Frank, wife Jennifer and their kids, Chris, John & Madison.

Marc, wife Heather, and their kids, Graysen and Lenox.

Our Farm History

In 1938, our grandfather, Silverio Albano, move from Ponsa, Italy to the Bronx, New York to live with his aunt where he worked construction. He married Rose Scotti and they had two kids, Frank Sr and Joe.

As the kids got older, he wanted to raise the kids in the country so they moved to upstate New York. January 1, 1960, he purchased a farm in Grand Gorge. It was 145 acre farm with a total of 57 animals.

Frank Sr and Joe worked the farm with their father, Silverio, until about 1985 when his grandchild, Frank Jr started helping out around the farm.

In 1997, Marc, another grandchild, graduated high school and decided he wanted to be part of the family farm.

In 1998, the Albano boys looked to expand and purchased a farm in Stamford, New York.

Silverio passed away in 1999. Joe Albano retired in 2015 from the farm and began a gun selling business. Frank Sr. passed away in 2015 leaving Frank Jr and Mark to run the family business.

Today, the farm still resides in Stamford where they have 2000 acres of crop land, a total 850 cows, 50 goats and sheep, and 40 pigs. 

The family always raised their own meat. In 2019, the great-grandson, Chris, decided to start selling meat on the family farm.